The first market network driven commercial real estate platform.

Connecting the commercial real estate community with the tools that drive deals.

Take your professional relationships to the next level.

Connecting the assets, and the community that supports them, creates a Market Network that increases both speed and efficiency for all the players in the deal.


Find CRE Professionals and Organizations


Bring your relationships online for collaboration


Deals done faster when working with your team

The Network Effect

Connecting the listings and the community creates a Market Network which increases both speed and efficiency for all the players in the deal.

Our industry is still plagued with fax machines, overnight snail mail, and repetitive phone calls. The solution? A 360-degree platform that makes it easier to run your business and service your clients.

Search, Connect, Win

The first commercial real estate community to connect professionals and the assets they support.

Transform the way you do business.

Collaborate with your team and partners on the Obie Messaging Platform.

Choose to communicate one-on-one, organization wide, with a specific team, or on a specific property.

Turn the hunt for documents into the art of driving growth by eliminating double-data entry and the communication challenges we face every day.

Get started today!

The Obie Ask Forum

Obie Ask is the first dedicated commercial real estate forum of like-minded professionals who are interested in sharing and learning from each other. Whether a first-time buyer or an industry veteran, we all have more to learn and expertise to contribute. Have a question? Obie has the answer.Check it out!

Join the community

Connect with your existing network and the professionals you do business with every single day. You can now collaborate on each part of the deal together.

Expand your network and identify new partners and vendors who can help you grow your business. A rising tide raises all ships, and it’s time that the commercial real estate community had a platform where they could truly connect.

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